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Meeting the Challenge of

Climate Change in our Community

ACT in your life improve the lives of others and our ecosystems. We must lower our GHG emissions and energy use to meet the challenges of ever widening climate and biodiversity loss crises.

Checkout the great IRA presentation!

New videos! on Whidbey Water


FUND local efforts

...local projects to lower our carbon footprint. Check your emissions and fund projects to reduce CO2 and keep finances in our local economy.


BUILD community

...a community that is more just and sustainable. Work with us on our projects, propose others!

Lots of solar updates (here and here)


In the News


Whidbey Island is ‘kicking gas’ in push for all-electric homes

In eight months, the Kicking Gas campaign helped 118 Whidbey Island homes install energy-efficient heat pumps. That’s just the first step.

September 13, 2023


Sound Off: Whidbey’s water future imperiled in changing climate

Everyone on Whidbey Island, homeowners, renters, business owners, developers, farmers, professionals, scientists, etc. have a vested interest in the safety and sustainability of our fresh water supply.

July 1, 2023

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