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GET OFF Fossil Fuels


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  • Converted 120 homes heat pumps in Round 1

  • Low cost, clean, comfortable heating and cooling

  • 20-50% off, plus cut your energy bill in half!

  • Watch this inspiring short documentary

Kicking Gas is a Whidbey Island-based campaign to help residents switch from oil, propane, or wood to electric. Together, home heating and cooling are responsible for roughly 441 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, according to The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.

Ductless heat pumps employ highly efficient technology that reduces your home’s carbon footprint by using 40%–60% less electricity. This means less burning of fossil fuels and lower CO2 which is better for everyone.


The City of Langley's Climate Crisis Action Commission and Whidbey Climate ACTION endorse and support this campaign to create a resilient and thriving future on Whidbey.

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  • Lower emissions

  • Lower maintenance

  • Lower cost

Researching, strategizing, and creating collaborative partnerships to assist the City of Langley in electrifying the City’s vehicle fleets. Transportation accounts for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, and fleets have a multiplier effect. WCA will develop a business case for electrification by engaging stakeholders, quantifying costs and benefits, and identifying potential risks. Partnerships will be formed throughout the process with businesses and other governmental agencies doing similar work.

EV police car

EXPAND Charging

  • Reduce barriers to EV adoption

  • Support neighbors' transportation budgets

  • Cut GHG emissions

WCA is working with the Island County Housing Authority to plan for installation of EV charging stations at multifamily housing in Langley (Brookhaven and Glenhaven). Charging stations in multiunit housing results in the most cost-effective installations.

Blink EV charger


  • City of Langley and Sno-Isle Libraries project

  • Microgrids of solar with battery storage

  • Won $87K grant for feasibility study

CCAC and WCA supported the City of Langley's winning application for a WA Dept. of Commerce Resilient Communities grant for a solar plus storage feasibility study to include the Langley Library and adjacent City Hall. Other recipients of the grant on Whidbey include the Island Church, the Langley United Methodist Church, Good Cheer, SW Parks and Rec, and the Pacific Rim Institute. Solar on existing publicly-owned spaces like rooftops is an effective way to reduce a city's carbon footprint and lower operating costs. Adding batteries will allow the systems to continue to provide power in a power outage, creating islands of resilience for our community.

Langley library with solar panel

Community Solar

  • Solar on residential roofs

  • Shared costs and savings

  • Benefits for low-income residents

Neighbors with sunlit roofs, neighbors with energy needs, organizations that care about environmental justice. CCAC is helping to put those together to create a local Community Solar program. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of participating homes or businesses with the costs and benefits shared among the community. Individuals can subscribe on a sliding scale to help install the panels and receive a portion of the benefits. Olympia Community Solar is a nonprofit that provides services to make this happen and CCAC is looking to partner with them.

solar panels
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