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LEAD the Change

STOP Fossil Building

  • Buildings produce 27% of statewide emissions

  • Heat pumps are 2.2 to 4.5 times more efficient

  • Global adoption would save 3 gigatonnes GHG/year

The Washington State Building Code Council voted in 2022 to adopt new statewide residential building codes that will drive the transition to cleaner and healthier homes powered by electricity. The new codes require heat pumps for space and water heating in new home construction and follow similar action on commercial and multifamily buildings. CCAC is advising the City of Langley on how to ensure that any new homes constructed before the new codes go into effect will proactively be 100% electric. 

fossil gas meters


  • Island County passed a Climate Action Plan

  • ...and a Climate Resolution

  • ...but is not acting on the plan

The United Student Leaders and community members lobbied Island County Commissioners to pass the Climate  Change Resolution in 2022 (see video, and News-Times article). This provides some impetus to fund the Climate Action Plan but falls short of declaring a climate emergency and recognizing the need for environmental justice initiatives. The Plan also leave out an important GHG emissions sector, argiculture. CCAC would like the county to hire a coordinator to oversee the implementation of climate actions at the county level in concert with local cities.

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  • Island Transit’s “Fare-Free” policy is a model

  • Increase train service to Mukilteo

  • Hat Island walk-on ferry from Everett to Langley

CCAC is envisioning easier car-free routes from South Whidbey to the mainland and Seattle. One option is for the Washington State Dept. of Transportation to add Mukilteo as a stop for the Amtrak Cascades service between Vancouver and Eugene. WSDOT is currently updating the 20-year development plan for the Cascades train and seeking public input. Other possibilities include extending the Hat Island ferry to Langley. Island Transit's service provides easy and free links between transit terminals and South Whidbey stops.

Amtrak Cascade train
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