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S. Whidbey Solar

  • Installed August, 2023!

  • 2/3 funded through grants

  • 65 tons of CO2 saved per year

  • Payback in 7 years

CCAC researched and found a solar installation grant from the Washington State Dept. of Commerce that would provide funding for 2/3 of the cost for the installation of 172 solar panels at the South Whidbey Elementary School.  This proposal was presented to the SW School District which became an enthusiastic supporter.  A grant application was prepared by CCAC and the School District, submitted, and subsequently awarded at $134,600 covering 2/3 of the project cost.

Through a net metering arrangement with PSE, the school district will get full credit for the energy this array produces, resulting in a payback period of approximately 7 years. Most importantly, this system will result in 65 tons of CO2 not being released into the atmosphere per year. This CO2 represents the equivalent of burning 6,500 gallons of gas. 

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