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The Whidbey Climate Fund invests in local projects that reduce greenhouse gases and enhance sustainability. Like replacing fossil fuel use or preserving forest carbon sinks, projects reduce our carbon footprint and make Whidbey more livable and sustainable for future generations.


Whidbey Climate ACTION members are experienced climate scientists and activists with deep connections in the community. Because our projects are local, we can build just relationships between neighbors and keep financial resources within our local economy. People are searching for meaningful change in the face of our many crises. Whidbey Climate ACTION is the catalyst bringing together the strength and generosity of our community, our place-based knowledge, our skills, and our resources to make that change.


Forest conservation and reforestation


Clean energy solutions for businesses and homes


Water retention and carbon sequestration in the soil

Our partnership with Whidbey Community Foundation means contributions are tax deductible. Donations are via their portal using the DONATE button links. Note that donations can be made recurring for generous, ongoing support of the projects.

Valuing CO2 Reduction

Let's examine the carbon reduction challenge before us from the viewpoint of emissions from everyday activities. This will help educate and provide a basis for appreciating both the difficulties and benefits of changing lifestyles to lower footprints.

We attach a specific cost to each activity to approximate its value and present it as a suggested donation. The cost for CO2 is taken from the target rate of $100/ton for carbon removal technology (BTW, the UN calls this technology "unproven"). The CO2 calculations are all based on averages (see links for references). Please note that we cannot guarantee this pricing for our projects (although the community camaraderie is invaluable :-) and we will happily and gratefully accept donations of any amount.

At the Grocery Shop


Emissions by diet type


250 lbs CO2/month



290 lbs CO2/month


No beef

320 lbs CO2/month



420 lbs CO2/month


Meat lover

550 lbs CO2/month




Around town

15 gal tank fill up, 300 lbs CO2



2 × 175 miles, 290 lbs CO2



2 × 280 miles, 470 lbs CO2



2 × 810 miles, 1,350 lbs CO2


Passenger Plane


Airplane round trips: 0.82 lbs CO2/passenger mile

Los Angeles

2 × 950 miles, 0.8 tons CO2



2 × 1750 miles, 1.45 tons CO2


New York City

2 × 2400 miles, 2 tons CO2



2 × 4800 miles, 4 tons CO2



2 × 7750 miles, 6.35 tons CO2


Climbing on Power Pole










Total household emissions by income


4 tons CO2/month



5 tons CO2/month



7 tons CO2/month



  • If you want to make more exact calculations of your carbon footprint you can visit ReGenAll or MyClimate, but remember, make your offset donation local by donating with us here

  • We need to drastically lower our consumption of energy and resources. Scientist calculate that to stay within 1.5°C temperature rise the global per person average CO2 emissions per year must be limited to 1.1 tons.


Please help kick off this effort!

Funding levels will determine what kinds of projects we, as a community, will be able to accomplishThere are no projects at this time that we have identified as requiring funding. The first grant cycle begins June, 2024. See our project pages for our current, 100% volunteer-driven initiatives. As fund projects are developed, they will be highlighted here. And, you can also
JOIN Us to help make a difference.

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