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Make Your Voice Heard! At All Government Levels!

Want our government to take climate action? We must let our representatives know! You can start by calling their office, sending an email, or attending a meeting.  Here’s how.

Preparing your Script

When calling a legislator’s office, whether you get a live person or a recording, these tips apply:

  • State your name and where you are calling from.

  • Make your comments short and to the point.

  • If you want a response, state that you want a response and leave your phone number or email.


“Hello, this is (name), a voter in (your town/area), Washington. I’m calling today to urge you to vote yes/no on (fill in the blank). It means a lot to me because (why?) Please let me know how you vote. My phone number is (360) 123-4567. Thank you.”

Island County

The elected Board of Commissioners governs Island County.  See the schedule of meetings, agendas, and contact on the Commissioners' webpage. 

Our Commissioners are:

To leave a message for any commissioner, call: (360) 679-7354 

WA State


The Washington State groups are working together to make it simple to demand climate action from state lawmakers, through their Civic Action Team (CAT) program. Sign up for CAT to follow the progress of bills and send messages to your legislative representatives and other leaders. You will receive about 2 emails a week with a list of timely actions you can take.  Each action outlines the important facts about the legislation and provides a link to the citizen's input form.

You can also contact your representatives directly. Island County is in the 10th Legislative District. Our State legislators are:

10th District State Rep Clyde Shavers (2nd from left) discussed climate challenges including green hydrogen, regenerative farming and alternative sources of energy with 7 members of WCA, Sept 2023.



Whidbey Island is in Washington’s Second Congressional District. We are represented in Washington DC by:

White House


You can contact the White House by:

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