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ADVOCATE for Climate

If government represents the people, people must inform the government. WCA tracks local government planning relevant to Whidbey climate and sustainability.​ But, note that planning is one thing and execution yet another. If we want anything to actually get accomplished, we must remain vigilant, raise our voices, and hold our government accountable to our vision.

See also Advocate Contacts for how to reach representatives,

and VOTE Climate for elections information.

Other organizations doing advocacy work:

IC Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan provides guidelines for the direction of Island County's various departments over a 20-year timeframe. The next update is due 12/25 and it being driven by WA state's Growth Management Act, which mandates that WA counties account for changes to laws, and projections for land use, population, housing, and employment.​ Of special interest to us is the new requirement to address climate resilience in the Comprehensive Plan, and IC has independently committed to address climate change. Let's advocate for actionable, forward-looking ideas for a sustainable Whidbey.


  • How do we not just preserve but enhance local ecosystems

  • Which policies are best for improving equality and sustainability?

  • South Whidbey needs more affordable housing that provides ecological access to shopping and services. How do we accomplish that?

  • Can we account for the inevitable "climate migrants" coming to Whidbey? Planning for 20,000 new residents would not be enough.

Call to ACTION

  • Planners are currently accepting comments. Give some thought as to how you want Whidbey to be a better place to live and more resilient in the future. Comment here.


  • plan covers 20 years: 2025-2045

  • current IC population: 86,000

    • Oak Harbor: 24,000

    • Coupeville: 2,000

    • Langley: 1,100

    • Clinton: 1,100

    • Rest of Whidbey: 40,200

    • Camano Island: 17,600

  • planning for 2045 population increase:

    • 20,000 new residents​ (IC resolution)

    • classified as "medium" growth

    • Whidbey Record article reports on where the growth is planned

  • process timeline:

    • taking input through fall 2024

    • finalizing the plan in fall 2025

County Climate Planning Examples

  • ​The City of Langley produced a memo to accompany the IC population growth resolution. It calls on IC to "plan sustainably" and has many excellent suggestions.

  • WA Dept of Commerce has a page, Climate Program, containing planning guidance, grants and other resources.

  • Watcom County's Climate Action Plan


City Update Plans

  • Oak Harbor

  • Coupeville: Their process is complete, read about it here.

  • Langley

  • Clinton: Workshop July 24, 2024, 4:30-6:00 PM. Comment on their interactive map here.

Transit Safety

There have been 8 collisions in the first half of 2024 in Island County involving pedestrians or cyclists. That's 8 too many. Getting people out of cars is a great way to reduce emissions (and promote health), but necessitates making roads safer for those who walk, roll, or cycle. IC has a program for transit safety, the Comprehensive Safety Action Plan.


  • Children need safe pathways to schools. How do we ensure it?

  • How best to provide safe non-car access to critical services like grocery stores and medical facilities?

  • Although mass transit is not a part of the safety program, it does provide safer and more accessible travel. How can we increase ridership?

  • Can we create a bike pathway network to enable cyclists to safely navigate Whidbey for fun, health, and getting around?

Call to ACTION

  • The IC safety project has an interactive map where you can make suggestions and place the location on an interactive map: here.


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