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VOTE Climate

WCA has submitted questions to our local candidates regarding their views on the climate crisis. We are totally non-partisan, believing that the response to such an existential threat is anything but a political issue.  We will not be endorsing political candidates but sharing candidates' views with our network of Islanders.


Stay tuned for their answers.

And answer these questions yourself!

The Questions

  1. Where do you rank climate concerns amidst your actionable priorities. What would you rank higher?

  2. What have you done in your personal, professional and political life to respond to climate challenges? 

  3. Are there any climate mitigation initiatives which you would endorse or propose to address the causes of climate change?

  4. Are there any climate adaptation initiatives you would support or propose to minimize the impacts of climate change mentioned above?  

  5. Are you in favor of the State Climate Commitment Act which created a market-based cap-and-invest program to require the state's largest polluters to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and which is on the ballot this fall?  Do you have an alternate proposal to reduce emissions?

  6. Do you have concerns about our climate crisis, not mentioned above, and what specific actions would you propose, endorse, and implement to address your most important climate issues?

  7. What do you think the government's responsibility should be and your desired role, as an elected public official – in addressing these climate and societal issues?

Candidate Responses

Island County

The Board of Commissioners governs Island County.  Election information is here.

District 1:

District 2

WA State


Whidbey Island is in District 10.

House of Representatives:


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