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  • Linda Irvine

Welcome to Whidbey Climate ACTION

booth banner
Banner at 2022 Whidbey Island Fair booth.

If you live on Whidbey Island, count yourself lucky to live in an amazing place with awesome people: veterans and farmers, students and retirees, recent immigrants and indigenous elders, boat builders and glass blowers, musicians and dancers. Whether you arrived on Whidbey yesterday, or your ancestors have lived here from time immemorial, you share this special home with the deer and the bunnies, the Douglas firs and eagles, the bluffs and beaches, forests and prairies.

And all this is threatened by climate change.

Whidbey Climate ACTION was born at the Whidbey Island Fair, in a booth hosted by Langley’s Climate Crisis Action Committee, United Student Leaders, and the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. We asked Fair-goers about our climate challenge. What can we do to stop climate pollution? And how can we boost local resilience to withstand the climate chaos that is inevitably in store? Be it sea level rise or wildfire smoke or year-round allergy season, we already feel the changes and refuse to take them sitting down. We are launching this website to share our work and invite you to join us, share your actions, and help build the future we want for our beloved community. Together, we can build bonds, make friends, and weave hope for the future.

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